Polish Cadets Hall

The Polish Cadets Hall at Amherst and Grant Streets

927 Grant St
Buffalo, NY 14207

(716) 875–3211

This is the venue that we use for most of our dance events and we are so lucky to have found them! The space is large enough to comfortably host a band and a large crowd, but intimate enough that we can have small group lessons without feeling like we're in a cavern. The floor in the upper hall where we hold Lindy Fix every week is awesome - it's made of wood on joists, is fast without being slippery, and is very easy on the knees. It's perfect!

Check out the Polish Cadets website for information on becoming a member, hopping on their Bingo bus, or getting in on the many awesome events they host. (Can't beat 25 cent wings and $2 beer on Friday nights!)

Ukrainian-American Civic Center

205 Military Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14207

(716) 877-7200

Another gem of a local venue, we use the Uki Hall for some of our Rhythm Shuffle dances, as well as a few of our special band nights. You'll often find members practicing in Uki's back hall while eating pirogies made by the incredibly talented Pani H.