So you’re new to swing dancing? Awesome!

We here at Swing Buffalo are a welcoming bunch – all of us started off brand new at one point and we absolutely love it when new people come out to our classes and events. We do our best to make sure that you’ll keep coming back!

Anyone and everyone is welcome at our dances and classes: whether you have a partner or not, whether you’ve been dancing for ten years or this is your first night. We don’t have a dress code but you wouldn’t be out of place if you dressed up, especially for our band nights. You are also welcome to dress down though. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes for LOTS of dancing!

We have a rotating set of instructors who teach a beginner lesson every Tuesday at Lindy Fix from 7:45 to 8:30PM. This lesson covers the basics and a few moves to get you out on the dance floor from 8:30 to 10:00PM. Even if this is your first lesson, you’ll learn enough to dance the whole night.

Best of all? The beginner lesson and the dance are only $5!

Three things you need to join us at Lindy Fix:

  • The desire to have fun
  • A willingness to try something new
  • Comfortable shoes

Some things that you don’t need:

  • A partner
  • Any experience dancing or knowledge about swing dancing or swing music
  • Expensive dance shoes

We hope to see you this Tuesday! Be sure to stop by the DJ table to say hi.

Remember that you can also join the Swing Buffalo community on Facebook. We post videos and fun things on our Swing Buffalo FB page. We also have a Trip Organization Page where we post events, ride shares, and weekend dance plans. And, we have a Swing Buffalo Talk page where everyone in the community gets to post videos, questions, and topics for discussion.